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America’s Game Show

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Reduced complexity and manipulation are used to require ordinary people to subscribe to the logic of the political process much like game shows attract contestants by promising the winners prizes without conveying the hidden taxes that will be applied for their participation.

A few quick rules illustrate the sublime simplicity of the logic of America’s political process. Elections are the only aspect in which national participation can legitimately occur. Private wealth finances candiadates campaigns. Well funded campaigns win elections. Once elections are won elected officials pay dues to their supporters by passing laws favorable to their supporters interests.

To generate participation and channel the money needed to elect officials into office an environment conducive to this goal is engineered for about a year. Welcome to election year. Advertisements aired by private interest groups like super PACs serve the state as well as the private backers that fund political ad campaigns. These ads are responsible for two things. First they prime the public to support one bundled package of interests over another. Second they aim to rally support for the candidate who best serves the advertisers interest. Together this education in civics reinforcing the interests of the state, which caters to the interests that elected state officials which according to the logic of the political process is in the interest of the electorate.

Viewers often finds the ads to be confusingly similar as they focus on a narrow range of issues and often incorporate the sames images of some closed manufacturing plant, brown cornfield or frustrated geriatric. The only discernable difference is which candidate is being held in contempt.

Through campaign advertising ordinary people are driven by empty rhetoric streaming through ads on the television, web or transmitted in print. The abundance of advertisements take on a life of their own forming a spectacle that voters often receive as reality. Negative ads lampooning Obama conjure the image of a celebrity Muslim alien with a bent for soviet era wealth redistribution. People will vote based on this information less because they fear the prospect of Obama nationalizing every home on their block and transforming neighborhoods into colonies of government outreach centers (although from within the spectacle prism voting against Obama maybe entirely rational) but more because they feel compelled to exercise their limited influence over the political system. In sum the public has been told its in their interest to elect officials who will represent their wants and needs as citizens.

It’s always been four years since the last time they participated in a state sanctioned political process. Ordinary people get political cabin fever too. America’s political process, which the public shares in on a national level once every four years culminates with the presentation of two choices which the ordinary people have been presumably educated about through campaign ads and public school. The choice easily boils down to the following binary: participate and have a say in the outcome of this election or don’t participate and have no say in the outcome of this election. Believing that having a stake in the future direction of the country is paramount people opt to vote at which point they have another pair of choices to make. The electoral process can be broken down like Babushka dolls. Pull at them and one discovers they are all hollow.

Choice One is the possibility that your president and his administration will continue to support the same interests that empowerd him the first time around including but not limited to the financial giants who were too big to not notice fail, Sallie Mae-propagators of the high interest rate student “aid” myth and General Electric-Team Drone coach. This choice may result in a temporary cease-fire, not abroad of course but at home, a pause on vaporizing the gossamer-thin safety net that millions of Americans rely on during these harsh times.

Choice Two on the other hand is sure to produce your presidential CEO who will eagerly confront America’s economic ills as a rudimentary leveraged buy out. America’s problems, Choice Two contends are the consequence of fettered markets and overarching governments propped up by weak willed, entilment seeking victims. Bundled with Choice Two is the mystery flavored pop of international adventures. Some have hinted at explosively exciting tours in Iran, the South China Sea and a nostalgic return to Afghanistan.

What the election comes down to is the successful reduction of America’s political process to a boring pick-which-door-to-open game show. The prize was already stocked behind both doors and neither one of them is worth the gift taxes you will have to pay when the show is over.

-your inquirer profoundly


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September 25, 2012 at 11:10 pm