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The Silent & Devout Has a Message

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A couple days ago I wrote about religion in the 2012 campaign. Romney has been strategically reticent about his beliefs throughout this campaign. I think this video dating back to an interview with the conservative radio host from WHO IOWA, Jan Mickelson in 2007 gives a peek at the innermost Mitt.

With just hours left from finding out who will carry the presidency a large percentage of the country is also contemplating if the election of Romney will be “a sign from god.” Separating church and state with a preacher-in-chief in office may prove harder than imagined. For those of you still wondering what the devout and silent has to say about the role of god in his religious, “political” and “secular” life, here’s a peek: Romney Goes God Nuts

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November 6, 2012 at 7:35 pm

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